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AGuIX®, an optimized biodistribution

AGuIX® preferentially accumulates in tumor
through natural blood flow

The ultrasmall size of AGuIX® (∼ 5 nanometers) combined with the specific physiology of tumors (leaky tumor vasculature) allow its deep and prolonged uptake after intravenous administration resulting in an accumulation of AGuIX® into the tumors. This well-known phenomenon is called Enhanced Permeation and Retention (EPR) effect and applies to many cancer types. In contrary, healthy tissues do not have a leaky vasculature, preventing AGuIX® from any diffusion to these tissues. This selective targeting supports a large therapeutic window (>24 hours).

Enhanced Permeability and Retention (EPR) effect

Better targeting

AGuIX®, a drug with pan-cancer potential

EPR effect
No change of care follow-up thanks to intravenous administration
Selective, deep, and prolonged uptake of AGuIX® into tumors
Natural elimination of AGuIX® through the kidneys