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AGuIX® at a glance

The goal of AGuIX® is to improve the efficacy of radiotherapy of cancer
leading to a better survival and quality of life


AGuIX® concentrates a high number of gadolinium atoms (∼15) in an ultrasmall size object (∼5 nanometers)

These key structural attributes lead to a unique combination of three pharmacological properties that can be translated into clinical benefits


The ultrasmall size of the structure allows the selective accumulation of AGuIX® in tumors after intravenous administration


The presence of gadolinium in the structure provides contrast imaging property to AGuIX® (positive contrast agent for MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging)


The high concentration of gadolinium within the structure brings the ability of AGuIX® to enhance the radio-induced damages in tumors: radiosensitizing effect

EPR effect aguix

Ability to target

mri with contrast agent aguix

Ability to delineate tumor

Radiosensitizing aguix

Ability to enhance radiotherapy energy