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AGuIX®, ability to enhance radiotherapy energy

AGuIX® aims to improve radiotherapy treatment

Thanks to a physical interaction with X-ray, AGuIX® locally enhances the radio-induced biological damages in tumor tissues. Gadolinium is able to strongly capture the administrated dose of radiation leading to the production of many harmful species (diffused photons, photoelectrons, Auger or Compton electrons and free radicals)

This will induce the death of the malignant cells surrounding AGuIX®

AGuIX® is active only under irradiation


Irradiate what you see with AGuIX®


Proof of increased radiobiological damages in tumors with AGuIX®


Preclinical proof of modulation of the immune response with AGuIX®


Properties with the goal to achieve clinical benefits such as better lifespan and better quality of life