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2020 – Archives Scientific Publications: Review

Roadmap for metal nanoparticles in radiation therapy: current status, translational challenges, and future directions
Phys. Med. Biol., 2020, 65, 21RM02.
J. Schuemann, A. Bagley, R. Berberco, K. Bromma, K. T. Butterworth, H. Byrne, D. B. Chithrani, S. H. Cho, J. R. Cook, V. Favaudon, Y. H. Gholami, E. Gargioni, J. F. Hainfeld, F. Heespeels, A. C. Heuskin, U. M. Ibeh, Z. Kuncic, S. Kunjachan, S. Lacombe, S. Lucas, F. Lux, S. J. McMahon, D. Nevozhay, W. Ngwa, J. D. Payne, S. Penninckx, E. Porcel, K. M. Prise, H. Rabus, S. M. Ridwan, B. Rudek, L. Sanche, B. Singh, H. M. Smilowitz, K. V. Sokolov, S. Sridhar, Y. Stanishevskiy, W. Sung, O. Tillement, N. A. Virani, W. Yantasee, S. Krishnan,

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Studies on the Exposure of Gadolinium Containing Nanoparticles with Monochromatic X-rays Drive Advances in Radiation Therapy
Nanomaterials (Basel). 2020 Jul 9;10(7):1341. doi: 10.3390/nano10071341.
F.Tamanoi, K.Matsumoto, T.Le Hoang Doan, et al.

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