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2020 – Archives Scientific Publications: Other Products

Multiscale selectivity and in vivo biodistribution of NRP-1 targeted theranostic AGuIX nanoparticles for PDT of glioblastoma
Int. J. Nanomedicine, 2020, 15, 8739-8758.
M. Gries, N. Thomas, J. Daouk, P. Rocchi, L. Choulier, J. Jubréaux, J. Pierson, A. Reinhard, V. Jouan-Hureaux, A. Château, S. Acherar, C. Frochot, F. Lux, O. Tillement, M. Barberi-Heyob

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Tumor targeted pH low insertion peptide delivery of thernanostic gadolinium nanoparticles for image guided enhanced radiation therapy
Transl. Oncol., 2020, 13, 100839.
W. Liu, J. Deacon, H. Yan, B. Sun, Y. Liu, D. Hegan, Q. Li, D. COman, M. Parent, F. Hyder, K. Roberts, R. Nath, O. Tillement, D. Engelman, P. Glazer

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