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2018 – Archives Scientific Publications: Other Products

A New Generation of Ultrasmall Nanoparticles Inducing Sensitization to Irradiation and Copper Depletion to Overcome Radioresistant and Invasive Cancers
Pharmaceutics, 2022, 14(4), 814.
P. Rocchi, D. Brichart-Vernos, F. Lux, I. Morfin, L. David, C. Rodriguez-Lafrasse, O. Tillement

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Functionalization of Gadolinium Chelates Silica Nanoparticle through Silane Chemistry for Simultaneous MRI/64Cu PET Imaging
Contrast Media Mol Imaging. 2018 Nov 1;2018:7938267. doi: 10.1155/2018/7938267. eCollection 2018.
VL.Tran, V.Thakare, M.Natuzzi, et al.

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