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2016 – Archives Scientific Publications: Other Products

Gd-nanoparticles functionnalization with specific peptides for β-amyloid plaques targeting
Nanobiotechnology, 2016, 14, 60.
M. Plissonneau, J. Pansieri, L. Heinrich-Balard, J.-F. Morfin, N. Stransky-Heilkron, P. Rivory, P. Mowat, M. Dumoulin, R. Cohen, E. Allemann, E. Toth, M. J. Saraiva, C. Louis, O. Tillement, V. Forge, F. Lux, C. Marquette

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Chemical and in vitro characterizations of a promising bimodal AGuIX probe able to target apoptotic cells for applications in MRI and optical imaging
Contrast Media Mol. Imaging, 2016, 11, 381-395.
M. Dentamaro, F. Lux, L. Vander Elst, N. Dauguet, S. Montante, A. Moussaron, C. Burtea, R. N. Muller, O. Tillement, S. Laurent

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