The drug product

The AGuIX® technology is based on the use of ultrasmall nanoparticles displaying hydrodynamic diameters inferior to 5 nm. This size inferior to conventional nanomedicine used for drug delivery is designed for rapid renal clearance avoiding toxicity problems usually linked to nanoparticles.

The nanoparticles are composed of safe byproducts: polysiloxane matrix and cyclic chelates of gadolinium already used as commercial contrast agents for MRI. Gadolinium, a rare earth, is the key element of these nanoparticles. Its magnetic properties are suitable for using it as positive contrast agent in MRI. The integration of the gadolinium chelates into nanoparticles leads to relaxivities two to three times higher than the ones of commercial molecular contrast agents. In addition to its magnetic properties, gadolinium displays high atomic number (Z = 64) leading to a strong interaction with X-Rays and an increase of radiotherapy efficacy.