Grenoble, Lyon, January 24th, 2017



NH TherAguix is happy to announce the close of its first fund raising campaign.

597k were obtained thanks to the support of a various range of investors including societies such as INSAVALOR, EZUS, AVNIR, Nano-H, Chematech and few individuals.

This capital raise is a major financial progress and it will help to create added value to the one already existing after one year of existence. Especially, NH TherAguix will be able to reinforce its clinical strategy by pursuing the development of its drug candidate AGuIX®, including preparation of phase 2 clinical trials, broadening of indications and production of other batches of drug. We look forward to deploying these funds successfully.


To all the investors, your support means so much for all of us. On behalf of the team, I wish to warmly thank you all for your continued confidence during the raising process.



NH TherAguix awarded by the R2B ONCO Trophy

Grenoble, Lyon, Nov 15th, 2016:

The Research 2 Business Oncology meeting is a yearly business convention taking place in Lyon and organized by the Canceropole Lyon Auvergne Rhône Alpes CLARA, in collaboration with LyonBiopôle and Mabdesign. The purpose of this event is to strenghten relationships between clinicians, scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of oncology Research and Development.

Each year, young regional companies identified as « pépites » are awarded for their high innovation and valorisation potential in oncology development.

20161115_122258derG. Le Duc presenting NH TherAguix on behalf of the team

At the occasion of the 2016 event, NH TherAguix received the R2B Onco award has a company that has marked the year, boosted by its partner the SATT Pulsalys.

The award consists in a coaching in the communication field proposed by abg-communication.

More information on the 2016 R2B award are in the press release issued by the CLARA.

Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches received by Francois Lux

Grenoble, Lyon, Nov 15th, 2016:

The NH TherAguix company is very pleased to announce that François Lux received the habilitation to conduct research from University Lyon 1 for his work on the development of nanoparticle AGuIX.

François was one of the discoverers of the AGuIX nanoparticle patented in 2010. He was recruited as associate professor in 2009 in University Lyon 1. His research work is focused on the synthesis, the characterization and the biological applications of the AGuIX nanoparticles. François presented his work in University Lyon 1 in front of a jury composed of: Elias Fattal, Robert Muller, Jean-Olivier Durant, Philippe Dugourd, Gilles Lemercier, Yannick Crémillieux, Stéphane Roux and Olivier Tillement on November 4th, 2016.

Additionally, François is part of the NH TherAguix operational team where he is in charge of the AGuIX production and on-going analysis and developments.

Avec toutes les félicitations de l’équipe !

Marie Curie Award for Alex Detappe

Grenoble, Lyon, Boston, Oct 21th, 2016:

The NHTherAguix company is very pleased to announce that Alexandre Detappe received the Marie Curie Award 2016 from the Radiation Research Society for his work on the nanoparticle AGuIX as a tool to improve the image-guided radiation therapy for different cancer treatments, such as pancreatic adenocarcinoma. The Marie Curie Award was established to recognize the Scholars-in-Training travel award applicant showing the highest potential for a successful career in radiation research. Alexandre presented his work during the annual conference organized by the society at Hawaii on Oct 17th. Alexandre Detappe is a certified French medical physicist (PSRPM) who earned his MSc in medical physics at the University of Grenoble, France in 2013. Alexandre is currently pursuing a PhD in Nanomedicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston,  under the supervision of Prof. Olivier Tillement (ILM, University of Lyon, France) and Dr. Ross Berbeco (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Brigham, Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School). In parallel, Alexandre is ensuring the corporate development of NH TherAguix in the US.

Avec toutes les félicitations de l’équipe !

First in Man injection

Lyon and Grenoble, Sept 20th, 2016

In the frame of the Phase 1 clinical trial Nanorad, concerning brain metastasis patients (ANSM authorization: Mai 24th, 2016), a first patient was hosted at Grenoble University Hospital on July 18th for the first human injection of the AGuIX® drug, issued from 10 years of preclinical research.

The CHU team and NH TherAguix were ready for this first injection that was a success. Two more patients are foreseen in a near future and they will receive the same AGuIX® dose, as complementary to radiotherapy.

More information about the principle of action of AGuIX® are available TV Grenoble report realized before the clinical trial.

NH TherAguix adresse tous ses remerciements au personnel hospitalier pour son implication dans cet essai.


One day at Sénat ! Pastille_lauréat_Tremplin_2016

Paris, June 20th, 2016

After being selected among the 380 finalists, NH TherAguix is Lauréat at the Tremplin Entreprises contest organized by Senat-Essec  and awarded by the prize “Coup de Coeur”given by Pierre-Olivier Goineau président of France Biotech and Philippe Adnot, senator from Aube department.

Additionally, an article was published by Biotech Finances featuring NHT.