General presentation

The theranostic solution for the benefit of patient living with cancer

Radiotherapy combined or not with chemotherapy and surgery is one of the principal therapeutic treatments against cancer. Nearly 2/3 of cancer patients will receive radiation therapy during their treatment. One of the main challenges of radiotherapy is to deliver a sufficient dose in the tumor while sparing the surroundings healthy tissues.

The solution proposed by NH TherAguix is based on nanomedicine: AGuIX® nanoparticles that enhance locally the effect of radiotherapy. This technology is supported by 4 patents in exclusive license and 3 patents in co-property and about 60+ scientific publications. The nanoparticles are injected intravenously in patients and concentrate passively in tumors. Tumors are then finely delineated by magnetic resonance imaging due to the magnetic properties of AGuIX®. In addition to the precise localization of the tumor, MRI allows to determine the best moment for irradiation. In combination with clinical irradiation, AGuIX® nanoparticles will locally enhanced the radiobiological damages due the radiotherapy. This technology will allow to treat radioresistant cancer and to decrease the secondary effects of radiotherapy by decreasing the dose in healthy tissue. A strong benefit of the treatment is expected for patients with badly positioned tumors close to fragile healthy tissues that cannot receive actually enough radiation.

Nanorad : Clinical trials Phase 1 b on brain metastasis

After a successful completion of regulatory toxicity and stability tests, AGuIX® has been produced in cGMP conditions. The first in man injection was successfully performed at Grenoble hospital in July 2016 within the phase I NANORAD clinical trial. Since then, 12 patients (over 15) have been injected in a dose-escalating approach showing good tolerance of the production, a significant contrast uptake during the MRI examination and hints of clinical benefits according the criterions that were used.

Nanocol : Clinical trials Phase 1 b cervical cancer

NANOCOL, phase Ib clinical trial on cervical cancer has been recently approved by the French-FDA (august 2017) for a starting date late 2017. This trial will be conducted by Institut Gustave Roussy in Paris