The founders

NH TherAguix was founded on Dec 11th, 2015  by Prof. Olivier Tillement (CSO) and Géraldine Le Duc (CEO) after 10 years of scientific complicity, in the purpose of developing the AGuIX nanoparticles (4 patents, 50+ scientific publications). The company is based in Eastern South of France (Lyon-Grenoble).

Beyond the co-founders, NH TherAguix’s team is reinforced by a chemist (Francois Lux), a pharmacist (Sandrine Dufort). The team is particularly knowledgeable about drug formulations, pharmacology,  in vivo and in vitro  experimental  imaging and radiotherapy .


Géraldine LE DUC, Chief Executive Officer, PhD Biomedicine

Image GLD

Géraldine Le Duc has over 15 years’ experience in biomedical research, with a research track linking pharmaceutic and medicine work. She is an expert in medical imaging and in radiation therapy, and has developed strong skills in project managing. During 15 years, she led a biological platform at the European Radiation Facility (ESRF), a worldwide renowned platform allowing international collaborations, and worked with Guerbet, Varian, and numerous diverse European scientific teams. After 10 years of preclinical research on AGuIX®, in partnership with  Olivier Tillement, and the discovery of the radiosensitization effect of the gadolinium nanoparticles, Géraldine Le Duc takes the challenge to go in clinic, trusting that the theranostic approach is a major innovative step in medicine. Géraldine Le Duc is in charge of the management and development of the company by seeking financial and technical investors.


Olivier TILLEMENT, Chief Science Officer, Chemistry/Nanotechnology

Image OTOlivier Tillement is a leading chemist expert in nanotechnologies. He is Professor at the University of Lyon and works as consultant with top Medical and Gasoline Companies. Olivier Tillement has a consequent list of publications, 30+ patents, and six effective industrial collaborations. He is an alumni from the Ecole Normale Supérieure Ulm-Paris, doctor in chemistry from Paris V, and participated at the creation of 3 companies. Olivier Tillement is in charge of the company development by sharing his scientific expertise. He will be part of the scientific board and will help on the company strategy.



Sandrine DUFORT, Chief Clinical Officer, PharmD, PhD Nanothechnology/Cancer

Image SDSandrine Dufort has over five years of experience in nanomedicine research. She participated to the preclinical development of the AGuIX® technology (pharmacology, toxicology and oncology applications). She has also expertise in clinical research, having worked on the validation of biomarkers, based on a biobank of tumor samples, in the context of the prescription of targeted therapies. Sandrine Dufort is pharmacist by training and holds a PhD degree in nanomedicine applied to oncology. Sandrine Dufort is in charge of the management of the preclinical efficacy and toxicity studies, regulatory filing and the implementation and monitoring of the clinical trials.


François LUX, Chief R&D Officer, PhD Chemistry

Image FLFrancois Lux participated at the discovery of the AGuIX® technology. Alumni of the Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon, he is lecturer at the University of Lyon and works on the nano-bio-technologies since over 5 years. Francois Lux is in charge of the chemistry and nanomaterial developments around the nanoparticles, by optimizing and developing new formulations.